Day: August 16, 2020

The Rowdy Queer Wrestling League BLOWW-ing Stereotypes Away

Handout/Brogan Photography
Handout/Brogan Photography

The sport of wrestling is over the top and dramatic. The athletes are also performers, acting out years-long soap-operatic storylines while showcasing immense acrobatic skills and martial arts techniques. Traditionally, it’s been highly gendered, and roles for women within the sport have remained sexualized (see: WWE’s Divas). It also has a long history of queer- and transphobia. But an independent league is turning all that on its (literal) head—enter the Boston League of Wicked Wrestlers, or BLOWW, a queer, gender-inclusive wrestling experience that includes bodies of all shapes and sizes. 

“This show will feature acts of violence between people of all gender expressions who have consensually agreed to fight each other,” reads a video at the start of their shows. “Welcome to violence.”

Over the course of the next three hours during a show in February, Sheila the Divorce Lawyer (from Brooklyn, offers specials for divorcing

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