Month: August 2020

Another Online Taste Of The Race Coming Soon

here and use coupon code UNICEF for a 10-percent savings.” data-reactid=”14″Update: Another virtual wine tasting with Adobe Road Winery to explore The Racing Series is scheduled for August 26th at 5pm PDT (8pm EST). This will again be hosted by Mark Greene of Cars Yeah! and feature many of the same special guests, including one of our favorites, Lyn St James. The article below was written based on our experience in the first virtual wine tasting. … Read More

Ru Hasanov on Sarajevo Player ‘The Island Within’ and the Rising Azerbaijani Film Biz

Seymour Tahirbekov is a reluctant chess star, a young grandmaster from Azerbaijan whose life is rigidly controlled by his emotionally toxic father and coach. On the eve of his showdown with the defending world champion, Seymour’s nerves began to fray, and he escapes to a remote island populated by wild horses and a solitary old man. Away from the limelight, and with a newfound sense of freedom, he begins to find peace of mind. But with the world championship days away, it’s just a matter of time before the nationwide manhunt for the AWOL grandmaster closes in.

Sarajevo Film Festival.” data-reactid=”20″“The Island Within” is written and directed by Ru Hasanov, who co-directed the 2013 Locarno player “Chameleon.” Produced by his Baku-based outfit Coyote Cinema and co-produced by France’s Arizona Productions, the film world premiered in competition at the Sarajevo Film Festival.

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Jaeger-LeCoultre Is The Watchmaker’s Watchmaker

From Esquire

When Catherine Rénier took over as CEO at Jaeger-LeCoultre just over two years ago, she had a straightforward plan: “To get our voice heard. To shed light on the fact we had been a little too quiet over previous years. What was very important,” she says, “was to give visibility to the maison.”

Not that J-LC, the 187-year-old bastion of luxury watchmaking, was in much danger of falling by the wayside. Even non-watch fans will recognise its Reverso, the rectangular watch that flips over to reveal an engravable back (or a second face), an icon of 20th-century design. Meanwhile connoisseurs will tell you few companies can match it for watchmaking prowess, that J-LC has a history of making high-quality movements, parts and tools for brands such as Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe. It’s the watchmaker’s watchmaker.

The Jaeger-LeCoultre customer, meanwhile, is one of taste and

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The Rowdy Queer Wrestling League BLOWW-ing Stereotypes Away

Handout/Brogan Photography
Handout/Brogan Photography

The sport of wrestling is over the top and dramatic. The athletes are also performers, acting out years-long soap-operatic storylines while showcasing immense acrobatic skills and martial arts techniques. Traditionally, it’s been highly gendered, and roles for women within the sport have remained sexualized (see: WWE’s Divas). It also has a long history of queer- and transphobia. But an independent league is turning all that on its (literal) head—enter the Boston League of Wicked Wrestlers, or BLOWW, a queer, gender-inclusive wrestling experience that includes bodies of all shapes and sizes. 

“This show will feature acts of violence between people of all gender expressions who have consensually agreed to fight each other,” reads a video at the start of their shows. “Welcome to violence.”

Over the course of the next three hours during a show in February, Sheila the Divorce Lawyer (from Brooklyn, offers specials for divorcing

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