Day: October 26, 2020

How to Ethically Purchase African Art and Handicrafts

Given the continent’s rich and diverse culture, the popularity of African art and handicrafts is hardly a surprise. The pursuit of that popular work can invite some issues, though: A 2019 report by Quartz Africa revealed a rapid expansion in the market for forged African artwork, a detrimental practice that puts the artists’ reputation at risk and leads to a mass devaluing of their creative works. It’s important, as a consumer, to appreciate these works in a way that gives the artist appropriate credit and assigns commensurate value to their creative contributions.

Of course, accomplishing this feat has proven complicated: on the one hand, proportionate representation of African artwork on a global scale absolutely matters, but the manner in which we show reverence to these creative works holds equal significance. In the right hands, African artwork and handicrafts in home decor are displayed by buyers who appreciate the origin

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