Day: November 1, 2020

Feedback: White privilege in art museums runs deep

Regarding “2020 Compels Art Museums to Answer: Are We Racist?” by Carolina A. Miranda [Oct. 25]: Sadly, the white privilege that is inherent in art museums runs deep. A few years ago, I required students in my college art class to visit a major local museum.

One student, a young Latinx woman, approached me after class with a question: “Am I allowed to go there?”

I was stunned. After reassuring her that she would be welcome, I realized that question was a very real demonstration that we as a society have failed.

Clearly, the world of art and culture that I value is not equally inviting to all.

Dennis Reed


The community most underserved by art museums in Southern California is Salvadoran Americans. Though they number about 400,000 in the Los Angeles area, and have a complex and sophisticated art culture, local art museums appear to

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