Day: December 3, 2020

Gallery Openings and New Art in Denver: December 2 to 7, 2020

What’s up in galleries during the last First Friday of the year, in the thick of the holiday season? Just what you’d think: art, in all its sizes and varieties, for sale. Small-works shows and affordable art galore, not to mention a few shows that you view from outdoors, but where you can still purchase works that catch your eye, like that doggie in the window.

Give in to the season of art-to-buy. Here’s where to get started, in person and/or online:

Noah Travis Phillips, "Light My Pyre," as seen from the street at Lane Meyer Projects.EXPAND

Noah Travis Phillips, “Light My Pyre,” as seen from the street at Lane Meyer Projects.

Lane Meyer Projects

Noah Travis Phillips, “Light My Pyre”
LMP PDA, Lane Meyer Projects, 2528 Walnut Street
Through December 14
Noah Travis Phillips presents “Light My Pyre,” a grid of visual semiotics that can be interpreted in countless ways, now in the window vitrine at Lane Meyer Projects through mid-December. As always,

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