Day: December 5, 2020

Sarah Ramos’ Celebrity Impressions – GARAGE

In the first pages of Sarah Ramos new “art zine,” Autograph Hound, recently published by THNK1994, we learn that Ramos’ first brush with celebrity occurred when she was ten years old, onboard a “Sail with the Stars” cruise with Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen, among all the activities (dance parties, beach trips), was the promise of a photo with the starlets.

When I was called forward for my precious moment alone with the people I’d traveled across the world to meet, I barely said a word. I didn’t know how to speak to my idols, let alone touch them, so I stood in between them, glued my arms straight down to my sides and smiled for the camera. The photo captured me beaming with pride at being next to such successful people. It meant I might be worthy of success too.


Sarah Ramos and her idols onboard the Sail

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