Month: February 2021

Antwaun Sargent Discusses Black Photographers

If you haven’t heard of curator and critic Antwaun Sargent, you are missing out on one of the most brilliant contemporary voices on photography. The 32-year-old just joined the Gagosian gallery as director after a decade of writing about the art scene and one year after his first book, The New Black Vanguard, was released. It has become an instant classic, highly recommended by editors across the industry and taught in art schools; the book highlights the complex and personal ways that photographers grapple with expression and identity.

“For me, that link between the past and the present and the future was really important,” Sargent told BuzzFeed News. “When you say something like ‘the new,’ it automatically points to a history that has largely been unseen, unrecognized. The acknowledgment of these young photographers is an investment in the future. We talk about the future as though we don’t control

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Photographer Slices Up a Leica for Art

For his new project titled Heisenberg Objekt No. III, award-winning photographer Fabian Oefner has created an unusual scupture by slicing up quite an expensive “raw material”: a pristine Leica M6 rangefinder camera, which costs around $2,500 to $3,500 used.

To create the sculpture, Oefner encased the camera in a block of resin and then used a bandsaw to carefully cut the block into slices.

Pouring the resin (left) and slicing up an encased camera (right).

Oefner then arranged the small slices into an exploded view that provides a glimpse into the guts of the camera.

Oefner also made a few study models of sliced Leica M6s using plaster:

“In the field of quantum mechanics, there is a law, which says that we cannot measure the position and the velocity of a particle at the same time,” Oefner writes. “The more accurately we know one of these parameters, the less

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The Culture Lover’s February Guide

Photo credit: Design by Ingrid Frahm
Photo credit: Design by Ingrid Frahm

From Harper’s BAZAAR

Part of staying fulfilled (and sane) during the pandemic is about finding and participating in things you love. Fittingly, February’s culture lineup is stacked with a diverse assortment of in-person and virtual events that will make your heart sing. Among them: an out-of-this-world comedy variety show, stunning choreographic premieres, an innovative art fair scattered across New York, and a Zoom reunion reading of a play written by Tony Award winner Billy Porter. To round it all out, the Met Opera will be presenting two weeks of free nightly streams of performances starring legendary African-American performers in honor of Black History Month.

1. Walls for a Cause NYC

The Brooklyn gallery We Buy Gold and Orange Barrel Media have teamed up to organize Walls for a Cause NYC, a multi-site public art project and online exhibition that benefits the urban farm

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Digital Photographs

Art & Entertainment,Art & Visual,Art & Culture,Art & Design,Digital Art PhotographyDigital Art Images menggunakan Facebook. Practical imaging systems both digital and movie, have a limited ” dynamic vary “: the vary of luminosity that can be reproduced precisely. Highlights of the subject which might be too vivid are rendered as white, with no detail; shadows that are too dark are rendered as black. The loss of element in the highlights isn’t abrupt with film, or in darkish shadows with digital sensors. “Spotlight burn-out” of digital sensors, will not be often abrupt in output pictures due to the tone mapping required to suit their massive dynamic range into the more restricted dynamic range of the output (be it SDR show or printing). As a result of sensor elements for different colours saturate in turn, there can be hue or saturation shift in burnt-out highlights.

Different well-known abstract artists include Piet Mondrian, Joan Miro, and Jackson Pollock. See their work come alive … Read More