Month: February 2021

Philadelphia photographer prints social justice art book for charity

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. (WPVI) — “We’re all gonna be talking about 2020 and what happened for decades,” said photographer Matt Barber. “These are images that capture what’s really happening in your community.”

The camera-clad Philadelphian was among thousands of protesters filling the streets in June of 2020 following the death of George Floyd.

“I took so many photos back in June, and I thought for the longest time, what should I do with this?” he asked.

Barber, a South Philadelphia native, called an illustrator, Halimah Smith, from Northwest Philadelphia, to collaborate on a project. The dynamic duo produced an art book titled, “PHL Black Lives Matter.”

“I think the book really does a good job of telling a story of people who are fed up,” said Smith. “They want change and they want it now.”

The book, which can be purchased on Barber’s website for $20, is forwarding all of

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The US agrees to return 2 Thai relics that were illegally obtained and held in the San Francisco Asian Art Museum

San Francisco Asian Art Museum

Facade of the Asian Art Museum in the Civic Center neighborhood of San Francisco, California, Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images
  • Two lintels from ancient Thai religious temples will be returned to Thailand.

  • A Thai official discovered the lintels while visiting the San Francisco Asian Art Museum.

  • After seeing the lintels, he asked for the US to return the relics, sparking a three-year investigation.

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Two Thai artifacts held at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco will be returned to Thailand after Thai officials discovered the pieces had been stolen from the country, according to the Department of Justice.

According to court filings, the consul general of the Royal Thai Consulate-General visited the Asian Art Museum in late 2016 when he noticed two prominently displayed Thai lintels. He asked a senior curator at the museum about the origins of the lintels and was told they

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‘Come From Away’ to Be Filmed on Broadway Stage

The cast of the Tony Award winning musical “Come From Away” will reunite on the Broadway stage to perform a filmed version of the musical that will be released this September.

The cast will reunite this May for a performance at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theater in New York City, and Entertainment One (eOne) will produce the live, filmed version of the performance that will then be released in September. eOne acquired the rights to “Come From Away” in 2017.

Though performances on Broadway have been suspended since March 12, the eve of “Come From Away’s” third anniversary, this live filming will feature some of the original cast from the Broadway production and will employ over 222 people across the cast, crew, staff and creative and film teams.

Christopher Ashley, who received the Tony Award for his direction of

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Aluminum photography group hopes brand and ownership changes will spur awareness, sales | Local

Yet, he saw how the company differentiates itself from competitors through the dye sublimation process.

“It’s part art and part science,” Brenner said.

“Once people see how photographs printed on aluminum can transform their home or their place at work, it tends to make that emotion that great photography can produce even more compelling.”

Difference maker

Brenner said that professional photographers, businesses and consumers choose Vivid for its products “because of the purity of the sublimation process and the luminosity of the aluminum substrate,” which comes in five different finishes from glossy to matte.

The Vivid process also has the advantage of using aluminum that is made from 94% recycled material; both the print and frame are 100% recyclable.

“We’ve gained clients from weddings, hospitals, restaurants, corporations, hotels, showrooms who chose our products as a means to inspire their customers, employees or as a signage to attract customers,” Brenner said.

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