Day: March 5, 2021

Non-Fungible Tokens Could Change ‘Culture, Period,’ Says Art Specialist

This past week, you may have noticed people online discussing the merits of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), whether they’re digital NBA Top Shot collectibles or the new album from Kings of Leon, the latter of which will apparently be sold as an NFT.

The new digital art form may be hard to grasp. But advocates of it say that it’s a cutting-edge development sure to impact many areas of culture. And if you’re waiting for a sign that NFTs are legit, just be aware that Christie’s, the international auction house, is offering a single lot sale of a piece by digital artist Mike Winkelmann (better known as Beeple).

For those who aren’t familiar, though, NFTs are similar to cryptocurrency and can be stored in a digital wallet or ledger. Put simply, an NFT is “a long string of letters and numbers that constitute a unique code,” as Noah Davis, a

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