Day: March 26, 2021

10 Best Disney “Art Of” Books Every Fan Should Check Out

Disney has created a series of books known as the “Art Of” line, featuring incredible art from Pixar, Lucasfilm, Marvel, and everything in between.

The Walt Disney Company has produced some breath-taking movies over the years, but in both their live-action and animated worlds, the aesthetic of these cinematic universes is incredibly important. The creation of concept art and storyboards is, therefore, a crucial part of the production process.

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In the past few years especially, Disney has focused on creating a series of books known as the Art Of line. Each new film (especially from their animation departments) receives a book dedicated to all of the intricate visual design that went into creating these projects. From Lucasfilm, Pixar, Walt Disney Animation Studios, and Marvel Studios, there’s a whole range of phenomenal books to explore.

10 Coco

The Art Of Coco - Miguel standing on the leaf bridge in the land of the dead

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