Day: May 5, 2021

Your guide to new public art installations in Chapel Hill

With the semester winding down and the weather heating up, students, professors and Chapel Hill residents have the opportunity to spend much more time outdoors. One way to enjoy the spring weather and support local artists is to visit one of the dozens of murals, transit art and patterned crosswalks commissioned by Chapel Hill Community Arts and Culture. 

Public Art Coordinator for Chapel Hill Community Arts and Culture Steve Wright said public art is part of what makes Chapel Hill unique to other towns or cities. 

“When public art is successful, it speaks to that particular community and shows what’s original about that location and what values people hold,” Wright said. “Public art in Chapel Hill should be different than in New York City or Los Angeles because those are different places, different communities, different people.” 

To make the art possible, artists apply and are selected by a board of

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