Day: September 13, 2021

Retail Execs on Nordstrom’s Endurance

Diane Sullivan, chairman and chief executive officer, Caleres Inc.

What sets Nordstrom apart: “It takes a remarkable set of circumstances and people to succeed in business for more than a century. The integrity of the Nordstrom family certainly set the tone for the company’s achievements from day one. A strong retail company must have a laser focus on and deep understanding of its customer. That is Nordstrom’s greatest strength. Looking to the future, their entire team is wired to continuously evolve and innovate. The combination of all is what makes the Nordstrom DNA so special. Caleres is honored to be a part of their history and journey.”

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Andrew Rosen, cofounder, Theory

What sets Nordstrom apart: “It’s been a family-run operation for 100 years. There’s a lot of culture, there’s a lot of tradition and there’s a lot of pride. That starts with Pete and Erik and the

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