Day: October 3, 2021

MAC exhibit ‘Awakenings’ celebrates canoe culture, tribes and salmon

Oct. 2—Celebrating the resurgence of canoe culture among the Plateau tribes of the Upper Columbia, the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture presents “Awakenings: Traditional Canoes and Calling the Salmon Home.”

Now, after a year spent on hold for the pandemic and more than three years of planning, the exhibit is officially open and will remain on display through next August.

Taking inspiration from the documentary “United by Water,” the MAC’s “Awakenings” exhibit will showcase the history and recent revival of the annual Columbia River Canoe Journey and the First Salmon Ceremony, a religious event celebrating the salmon that once inhabited the Columbia River.

“The emphasis is going to be on how these dugouts were created as well as … salmon recovery efforts and what needs to go into that to really getting them reintroduced in the Upper Columbia,” said Nez Perce member Tisa Matheson, the museum’s American Indian Collections

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