Day: May 15, 2022

On the spot: Nicebleed | Displate Blog

Running a small business from two countries seems complicated, but this creative duo has it all figured out. Nicebleed is an alias for two brothers whose fascination in space resulted in creating one of the most-wanted posters on Displate. They combined hard work with a great love to what they do, and gave us numerous designs that all tell a different story. Francis and Lawrence are on their way to success, so make sure to jump in and enjoy the ride. 

We have recently caught up with them, so continue reading and discover the artist(s) behind their work. 

Where did the “Nicebleed” name come from?

Nicebleed is the name I (Francis) used back in the day when we played Counterstrike go. The original name was Nosebleed, and then eventually became nicer. 🙂

Who stands behind “Nicebleed”? 

It is a collaboration between Francis Minoza and Laurence Minoza, based initially in Cebu,

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Top Ten Unknown Artists | Rise Art

They’ve created some of the world’s most iconic images, but they’ve gone largely unknown. Until now. Welcome to the world of the fine art illustrator. Daniel Rolnik reports. Plus a top ten of who’s hot right now.


Commercial artists once hid their identity from the fine art world. Hard to believe eh? Hard to believe too that they were mocked, even, dare I say bullied, for creating imagery meant for public consumption rather than private rapture. But as we progress as a society, we see there’s really no difference. We share everything.


Or at least the smart people do.


With privacy a thing of the past, so perhaps is the need to separate a commercial creative practice from that of a self-induced state of creation. Our bosses are on Facebook, and so too are our friends, enemies, and our lovers past and present. Now there’s no hiding anymore, the people

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