Month: June 2022

Tempelhof Sounds – In conversation with Bow Anderson

Scottish singer-songwriter Bow Anderson was not constantly destined to be a singer, but a freak incident drove her into new music and designed her go after her passion as a career. Now, Bow has unveiled a number of acclaimed singles – some even went viral on TikTok – and there is no halting her. This weekend, the singer will complete at Berlin’s Tempelhof Seems Competition. KALTBLUT caught up with Bow the week just before her demonstrate and we experienced a conversation about her songwriting course of action, her TikTok fame and her leg personal injury, which she attained on the Workforce GB trampoline staff.

Browse the job interview below, as very well as KALTBLUT’s tutorial to Tempelhof Seems below.

KALTBLUT: You’re participating in at Tempelhof Seems currently. What can we assume? What’s your clearly show gonna be like?

Bow: There’s a large amount of new music it is not produced

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DARK AT SEA – A film by Carlos Asse

An experimental dance film – Dark at Sea. A love letter to the rewards and sacrifices of creative life. This beautiful collaboration between award-winning Mexican filmmaker Carlos Asse and cinematographer Paul Theodoroff, “Dark at Sea” was shot in a 35mm film and captures themes of frustration, defeat and the abiding pursuit of success through the movements of dancers Matthew Gibbs.

The project itself emerged from Asse’s desire to break from usual routines and create something more personal and abstract. Dark at Sea provides an unsettling exploration of a man’s struggle with himself as he battles to determine the true meaning of his journey as a dancer.

The initial concept came to life after Asse’s desire to explore a side of filmmaking he had never approached or experimented with in the past. A small idea sparked his interest and he approached cinematographer Paul Theodoroff to lens the film.

“Dark at Sea

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Extravagant Sound Installations by Love Hultén Use Custom Synthesizers and Visualizers to Create Elaborate Audiovisual Mashups


#video clip

June 23, 2022

Grace Ebert

Swedish audiovisual artist and woodworker Love Hultén is recognised for his extravagant and unconventional audio installations that fall at the intersection of audio, art, and layout. Whether or not an homage to Nintendo, Pacman, or Simone Giertz’s chattering mouths, the custom synthesizers are elaborate electronic devices with broad audio capabilities and generally, a exceptional MIDI visualizer that responds in serious-time: participate in the keyboard of “NES-SY37,” for illustration, and a rendering evocative of a vintage video clip match will show up on a little Liquid crystal display monitor. In the circumstance of “The Doodlestation,” a chord may well prompt a cartoon-like determine to vomit an countless pastel rainbow.

Visually exquisite and structurally sophisticated, Hultén’s styles just take about 10 weeks to full. He tells Colossal that he is at present operating

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Screenprinting with Screentec Aqua Art Water Based Screen Ink

Aqua Art Inks are recognised as amongst the finest inks for water based screenprinting and are manufactured in the UK by Screentec Print Essentials. Being manufactured from single pigments, the inks deliver intense, saturated colour and perform optimally for colour mixing. We are very excited to have added Screentec Aqua Art Water Based Screen Ink for paper and board to our developing screenprinting department. Here we will explore printing with a combination of high tech and low-tech stencils, and a tabletop printing set up.


Screentec Aqua Art Water Based Screen Ink 250 g and 500 g tubs


Designed for printing onto paper, cardboard, and fine art papers, with recommended weight over 100 gsm. Heavier papers will be more stable, especially if your print requires the laying down of multiple colours. However, we have successfully printed onto Japanese Kozo, a naturally stable paper of 46 gsm weight. Screentec recommends using 77-120T

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