Day: June 2, 2022


Scott Sueme is a Canadian artist raised in Vancouver on the unceded standard territory of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh Nations. He attended Emily Carr University of Art + Style and design in 2006, and has exhibited during Canada, as well as internationally. Sueme’s method to portray is rooted in an exploration of materiality — exclusively, the quality and perception of color. His difficult-edge painting approaches produce a subtlety of depth that not only reveals a new resonance to color, it also draws attention to the “imperfect” process of the human hand in a way that feels each nostalgic and personal.

Sueme is a single of ten artists we picked to be part of a local community approach challenge by BlueSky Houses in Downtown Surrey called PARKWAY. Their mission is to bring group to lifetime in Surrey, and for us, a emphasis on artwork and tradition is what leads

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A Guide to Oil Painting – What You Need to Get Started

In this film, Lisa Takahashi covers everything you need to know about getting started in oil painting, including pigments, brushes, palettes, and much more. Watch the film and find a list of contents with timestamps below to navigate your way through the various topics and commonly asked questions that Lisa discusses.





Part One – Artist Oil Paint

6:32 The history of oil painting.

8:05 How to choose your artist oil paint colours.

15:18 How to tell the difference between high grade and low grade artist oil paints.

17:22 An explanation of artist oil painting terms.

17:44 Understanding transparency and opacity in artist paint.

18:50 Lightfastness explained in painting.

19:55 What does permanence mean in artist paint?

20:29 Understanding pigment numbers and colour names in artist paint.

21:14 What is the difference between hue and genuine artist paint?

22:06 What extra means when it’s added to an artist colour

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DUNE: The Graphic Novel, Book 1 (book review)

DUNE: The Graphic Novel, Book 1 - 01

DUNE: The Graphic Novel is adapted by Kevin J. Anderson and Brian Herbert, son of Dune author Frank Herbert. Deal with artwork was illustrated by Bill Sienkiewicz and the comic panels by Raul Allen and Patricia Martin. The book’s a 176-site hardcover revealed by Abrams

This graphic novel is made to be a trustworthy adaptation of Frank Herbert’s 1965 classic. There will be three graphic novels and the second guide will be out in August 2022. I’ve not in fact examine the initial novel so I are not able to say how superior the adaptation is, but this is definitely a very well accomplished graphic novel on its individual. The storytelling has great pacing and the artwork seems attractive.

The story is about the how the noble Residence Atreides is thrust into a war on the desert earth Arrakis with gigantic sandworms and valuable spice as resource. The

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