Day: June 9, 2022


Because Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February, the ruble has crashed. Now 40+ artists are coming together to deface Russian currency to help raise humanitarian aid for Ukraine. Introduced by a team of creatives and technologists from Goodby Silverstein & Partners, Amplify, and Kairos, the venture is repurposing over 100,000 Russian rubles as canvases for globe renowned artists to operate on and offer.

The entire Rubles for Ukraine assortment will be unveiled as NFTs on the Solana network and 100% of the proceeds will go to charity. The group also hopes to host a just one-time-only present of all the bodily get the job done and the NFT prospective buyers will have the rights to declare each individual 1/1 matching actual physical artwork.

Artworks will be dropped as they get there on social media, with product sales slated to go live in July. According to inventive guide, Clemens Zlami, Rubles

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Dyslexic Thinking campaign | Communication Arts

Responses by CC Clark, executive vice president of communications, FCB Inferno.

Background: This undertaking was to get persons contemplating in different ways about those people with dyslexia and redefine it as a important ability for the office.

Layout considering: Dyslexic Wondering is a phrase that heroes the strengths of dyslexia, and we experienced a listing of lots of of the world’s most resourceful thinkers through history to show it. We required to develop a thing that acquired all people talking, but by partnering with LinkedIn to make this an formally recognized skill, we arrived at recruiters and business leaders to inspire them to rethink how they see this sort of neurodiversity. By bringing onboard, we also redefined the term, the out-of-date definition of which is historically comprehended for its weaknesses and not its strengths.

Challenges: Selling Dyslexic Thinking as a thought to our companions and getting them to

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How Many Ways Can You Innovate the Way You Teach Drawing?

“I can’t draw a stick figure.”

“I can’t even draw a straight line.”

“But I don’t know how to draw!”

“I can’t draw to save my life.”

If you have heard these gloom-and-doom phrases, they have come from students and adults alike. The question is, where do people get the idea there is only one way to draw? And who said straight lines or stick figures are the metrics by which good drawing is measured?

Let’s look at contemporary approaches to teaching drawing that break drawing myths for students of all ages.

We will examine some of the defining properties of drawing practices. We will also expand upon the sage ideas of Betty Edwards to explore researched strategies by scholar, artist, and educator Andrea Kantrowitz. Through Kantrowitz’s methods, you can stretch students’ understanding of drawing as a tool. These strategies can help your students develop self-confidence and deeper engagement.

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I Needed to Find Myself Before Starting My Own Art Business

Jenn Cohen, founder of Facsimile, shares her journey as an artist and obtaining stability as a imaginative entrepreneur.


photo of entrepreneur Jenn Cohen

Jenn Cohen, founder of Facsimile


I never particularly remember my really 1st moments holding a digicam, but I recall the experience. I could emphasis on distinct configurations, objects, and people today and was in full control. It was a visual meditation and permitted me to be present with what I saw through the viewfinder and ignore everything else around me. I fell in love with photography from that place onwards and started to see the globe as an artist.

That was a extensive time in the past, and my lifestyle has adjusted considerably due to the fact then. But one particular issue has remained the similar – looking at with wonder and producing is just how I exist. Now, I run my individual organization, Facsimile, in which I invest my times

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