Day: June 13, 2022

Artist Interview: Ali Barker | Cass Art

Ali Barker is a contemporary abstract artist based in Liverpool.  She was the winner of Merseytravel’s ‘Art on the Network’ competition in 2011, with two of her skyline murals of Liverpool and Wirral permanently installed on the panelling at either end of the Queensway (Birkenhead) Tunnel.  She held her first solo show ‘Four-Dimensional Colour’ in 2016, and completed her MA in Fine Art in 2019.

Ali works with a fixed palette of twelve colours to represent the colours she perceives through her experiences of the phenomenon of sound-colour synaesthesia – when listening to music, she perceives each note of the musical scale as a specific colour. She is inspired and motivated by these experiences, drawing upon them and her musical background (she plays the violin and the viola) to create her paintings. Starting from her perceptions whilst listening to specific pieces and/or from the written music, her process

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Farewell Friend – Perspectives from The Artist’s Road

Farewell Good friend

Photograph of Artist, Graeme Stevenson
Vale Graeme Stevenson OAM (1958 – 2022)

   A spirit larger sized than life has still left us.

   Graeme Stevenson was a exceptional particular person. He had huge creative energies and the resolve to put his tips about art and the globe into motion. We achieved him when he arrived at our studios a single August working day with his assistant, Sophia Stacey, alongside with baggage of filming and lighting equipment. We have been quickly amazed with his kindness and sincere interest in our do the job and our life as artists. Both equally Graeme and Sophia exuded legitimate enthusiasm and friendliness.

   We instantly hit it off. Kindred spirits. They produced the job interview and filming approach fun and full of laughter. This was a completely unique variety of interview experience. Specific. A lot more like hanging out with one’s close friends. Ahead of we knew it, they

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Uncovering Hidden Spaces at UCI’s Open Studios

IRVINE, CA — I went to high school not too far from the University of California, Irvine, at a small school with a dedicated arts program. With my peers vying for spots in UCI’s MFA program after graduating, I became aware of the university’s reputation as an art school, which was known for its students who blended disciplines. The UCI Claire Trevor School of the Arts is focused on studio production and provides its students with a wide range of resources, including a motion-capture studio, several sound recording facilities, and the Experimental Media Performance Lab — a 4,000 sq ft black box theater and performance space with state-of-the-art technology — referred to as the xMPL. Students in the MFA program can apply for residencies in the space and many use it to work on aspects of their final thesis presentations.

Emily Babette (all photos Joshua Oduga/Hyperallergic)
Emily Babette

When I

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