Day: June 15, 2022

Ep 113 Anna Zubarev Zentangle and Floral Artist

In today’s podcast, we are talking to Zentangle and floral artist Anna Zubarev. Anna creates the most beautiful floral designs. Watch her timelapse on Instagram and you will be mesmerised by her process. Anna shares: the lightbulb moment of discovering Zentangle, developing her own floral-inspired style, creating a range of colouring books and evolving into digital art alongside creating by hand.

Ep 113 Anna Zubarev Zentangle and Floral Artist

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Connect with Anna

Twitter @AnnaLZubarev.

Instagram @ZentangleArtStory

Anna’s Colouring Books

zentangle colouring book set

Coloring book 3

Coloring book 2

Coloring Book 1

Podcast Transcription

Sandra Busby: First of all, Anna, I really want to just say how much we appreciate you taking the time to talk to us today. And I’d love to know Firstly, a little bit about where you’re based and what you do? You just mentioned actually, just before we click the

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A Queer Asian American Twist on Pride and Prejudice

It is a reality universally acknowledged, that a critic viewing a vintage novel adapted into a modern romcom, need to be in want of a thing superior. Even now, Fireplace Island might really properly turn out to be a common homosexual comedy, hitting all the notes an viewers likes to hear. Via a collection of uncomfortable encounters, misread social cues, and shady bon mots, the protagonists (performed by Bowen Yang and Joel Kim Booster, the latter of whom also wrote the screenplay) each individual obtain their have heartthrob. And the affectionate (if crucial) depiction of life on the Pines and Cherry Grove will be appreciated by any one familiar with the real Fire Island.

Fire Island is not rather in dialogue with campier homosexual touchstones like To Wong Fu (1995) and The Birdcage (1996). Kim Booster and director Andrew Ahn have a a lot a lot more sentimental and

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