Day: June 18, 2022

making the basic goods you might need when economies collapse – We Make Money Not Art

In 2017, Tom James collaborated with Alex Hartley to build a geodesic dome from reclaimed materials on the grounds of a country mansion. Then they invited various experts and members of the public to join them and learn together how we can survive in a collapsing world. Most of the workshops involved learning the kind of skills that modernity has rendered obsolete: making your own booze, harnessing wind power for electricity, making a foxhole radio, foraging for something edible, finding your way by looking at the night sky, etc. A couple of workshops even explored how to rebuild democracy and how to die.

In 2018, James turned a London gallery into a workshop where people could learn to build their own, low-tech anaerobic digester and share their fears of the future.

Tom James, Absolute Beginners. The Absolute Beginners Factory Shop, September 2021. Photo courtesy of the artist


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Daily Campello Art News: Juried Art Shows: Hints from an Insider

The respond to employed to come in the mail – now it commonly arrives out via e mail. An recognized recognize provides pleasure, while a rejected notice desires tiny clarification. It is the agony and the gratification of the juried art demonstrate.

Entering juried art displays is possibly the most prevalent way for rising artists to construct a resume, to expose one’s performs to a broader viewers and previously mentioned all, to compete with our friends. It is the raison d’etre for Art Calendar and other publications and net web pages.

As a younger rising artist, I have entered countless of these shows more than the early decades of my vocation. As a regularly released writer in the Washington, D.C. area, I often overview the exhibits when they are hung. Later on in my vocation, as a seasoned juror for many of these competitions about the money location, I have

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Rediscovering Dore O.’s cinema of the self

Dore O., Alaska, 1968, 16 mm transferred to DCP, color, sound, 18 minutes.

THE Visuals MOST Related with the German filmmaker and artist Dore O. are of a female, encounter-up like Millais’s Ophelia, drifting phantasmally in excess of ocean waters, her body a gauzy projection superimposed onto a blue backdrop of restless motion. The girl is twentysomething Dore herself in her 2nd film, Alaska (1968), a supple succession of beachy nonetheless pictures and double exposures whose femininity and softness really feel deceptive. Staccato editing rhythms and a menacing drone agitate these ethereal visions. And is the woman fading, or coming into view? The photos now carry an awful prescience in light of Dore’s recent death at age seventy-five. This March, the filmmaker’s overall body was found in the Ruhr river reportedly she had been struggling from gentle dementia. Dore O., who was not instantly recognized, had been missing for

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