Big Sun Studios doubles as art gallery and video production company

Lewis Kalmbach returned to his hometown Shreveport this fall and opened Big Sun Studios as a hybrid art gallery and video production studio to expand the downtown arts community. 

Kalmbach began his career in advertising before evolving into an accomplished artist with galleries in Louisiana, California, Georgia, Florida and Mexico.

He loves to remodel homes and once owned a flower shop that doubled as an art gallery called Pick.

Kalmbach decided to retire where he was raised in Shreveport with his husband and son.

His nephew Julian Tizian is the video producer at Big Sun. He and his work partner Brad Negrotto work closely with Fairfield Studios to help local stores elevate their social media presence. 

Big Sun Studios hosts its second exhibit "DENOART: The Art of Dennis O'Bryant"

“It’s so much fun to go and film someone and what they’ve been doing for the community and for themselves,” says Tizian. “It’s nice to work with fun people who have a cool and productive message for the world.” 

Tizian spent the first 12 years of his life living in Germany until he and his mother found their way back to America. While studying film and TV production in Connecticut, Tizian decided to come back home to be with his family when his uncle became sick and now helps run the gallery.