The fifteenth edition of documenta centers creative procedures from the Global South that suggest other methods of staying together. Ruangrupa, the creative administrators, formed as a collective in Indonesia in 2000, following the conclusion of the Suharto armed service regime. Back again then, people experienced misplaced their feeling of what […]

Winslow Homer, The Gulf Stream, 1899, oil on canvas, 28 1/8 x 49 1/8″. WINSLOW HOMER loved a good repoussoir: Locking the foreground and background into a taut tug-of-war charged his small paintings with titanic vigor. Rocks, waves, boats, and leaping fish bound toward the viewer, while some kind of […]

Responses by Sean Embury spouse, technique and imaginative Denman Digital. History: An interactive documentary by Tyler Hagan, Similkameen Crossroads explores the partnership involving spirituality and landscape in the lives of the Similkameen To start with Nations. Their response to colonialism is juxtaposed with the discovery of Hagan’s have Métis heritage […]

It’s the end of the world, and we can’t look away! But who can blame us? Honestly, this design looks so good that it’s worth bracing the ensuing darkness just to fully enjoy it. Ragnarok is a defining moment in Norse mythology, and it inspired this Limited Edition – a […]

Nowadays, we’re talking about taking action with your art…And what we mean by that, is when you come across by yourself a little bit trapped someplace, then how to do a little something about it. Subscribe: iTunes | Stitcher | Spotify | Amazon Songs | RSS SANDRA The thought […]

06:00 PM &#8211 07:00 PM On the celebration of the American celebration of the centenary of the start of Italian author Leonardo Sciascia (1921-1989), CIMA will host a presentation of the Portfolio «Homage to Sciascia», edited by Francesco Izzo. Version of 140 numbered copies with the initially textual content in […]

The Australian Cinémathèque at the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) intertwines three new cinema programs celebrating women filmmakers — ‘The Power and Passion of Jane Campion’, ‘Larisa Shepitko: The Poetry of Perseverance’, and ‘Women Make Film’. RELATED: 5 film suggestions to watch  The Power and Passion of Jane Campion Production […]