In the Black Fantastic, by writer, broadcaster and curator Ekow Eshun. With essays by scholars Kameelah L. Martin and Michelle D. Commander. Published by MIT Press. What physical form might Black utopia take? What are the legacies of Afrofuturism? Who are the TRAUMAnauts? Are there seducing and compelling alternatives to […]

The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Hokusai (1829-1832) When I think about Japanese printmakers I think about the three eighteenth century masters of that genre.  There was Hokusai with his well known print The Great Wave off Kanagawa. Rain Showers at Shō Hiroshige Then there was Hiroshige with his many […]

Responses by Stefan Draht, creative director, Sarofsky. Background: The main title opening sequence for the HBO Max drama The Staircase provides a tonal, thematic segue for viewers into the world of the show, which follows the true crime story of a writer convicted of murdering his wife. Director Antonio Campos […]

Oddly, even while the encoding of TruthBeauty by consciousness and creativeness appears to drive us from deep in just our souls, we will not genuinely know what it is.   The problem we started off with was “What is Beauty?”   But that is just not the ideal issue. The […]