Miami’s Buoyant Art and Design Scene Proves Culture Can Thrive Amid the Pandemic

In 2002, Art Basel ricocheted Miami into the international art sphere. But Miami had been steadily embedding noteworthy art into its airport, transit system, courthouses, parks, and community centers since 1973, courtesy of an ordinance earmarking 1.5% of the construction cost of new county buildings for public art. This entity, Miami-Dade County Art in Public Places, has overseen more than 700 commissioned installations, while public-private organizations like Wynwood Walls, splashy museum exhibitions, and a slew of visionaries have incorporated art into high-profile outdoor projects. Together they have fortified Miami’s reputation as a cultural epicenter where emerging talent is championed as fiercely as artists of international acclaim. Happily, Miami’s balmy climes have allowed art projects to thrive despite the pandemic. Here, a look at new and noteworthy outdoor art installations in South Florida.

“In addition to civic pride, our role is to empower artists to take risks and expand

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‘Agnes Joy’ Director Opened Film With Vomit Scene to Capture Characters’ ‘Raw’ Relationship (Video)

Silja Hauksdóttir, the director and one of the writers of “Agnes Joy,” says she opened the film with a graphic vomiting scene to capture the “raw” relationship between its characters.

The film, Iceland’s entry into the Academy Awards International Film category, explores the explosive relationship of daughter Agnes (Donna Cruz) and her mother Rannveig (Katla Þorgeirsdóttir) as Agnes seeks independence from her frustrated, dissatisfied mother’s controlling ways. Their world is upended still more when a seductive new neighbor moves into town.

“Raw” was how TheWrap’s Joe McGovern described the movie’s first scene, in which hungover teenage daughter Agnes (Donna Cruz) is shown vomiting in a bathroom, only to be broken in on by her outraged mother. Rannveig is more concerned about whether Agnes will be still able to perform on the violin than her daughter’s plight. When McGovern asked Hauksdóttir about the creative choice, she agreed with his assessment.


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Theater Notebook: San Diego Rep’s ‘Before Fiddler’ takes Felder and company on the road to Italian Riviera

On Sunday, San Diego Repertory Theatre will host the world premiere of “Before Fiddler — Live from Florence,” Hershey Felder’s sixth music-filled play streamed live from his home in Florence, Italy, since last May.

Fans accustomed to the playwright/actor’s solo shows expect to see him playing piano as he tells the story of a famous composer. But “Before Fiddler” is a first in many ways. Streaming live at 5 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 7, is about the famous 19th-century Yiddish author and playwright Sholem Aleichem, who was known in his day as the “Jewish Mark Twain.” Several of his semi-autobiographical stories about Tevye the milkman inspired the Broadway musical “Fiddler on the Roof.”

Felder will portray Aleichem, but for this production, most of the music will be performed by Klezmerata Fiorentina, a klezmer quartet of symphony musicians who live in Florence. And for the first time the play will not take

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