April events: Fishmas, Dark Sky Week stargazing, films at sea

By Mary Forgione

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Welcome to The Wild. DJ Javier finds time to surf three or four times a week in his much-loved Santa Barbara, which is remarkable considering he runs his fashion line of T-shirts, shorts and hats called Canto Vision, works as art director at SeaVees shoes, has created some of the city’s newest landmark murals and is about to have his first child. The 28-year-old graphic artist also recently collaborated on a project with the Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara.

The museum asked him to design something that reflects his take on Santa Barbara, to develop a theme that’s close to his heart and speaks to his community. Javier, known for melding inclusive themes into his works, designed a beach towel decorated with stylized surfers. “I think a towel is like an [art] print that you can

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