Arts & Culture Newsletter: Shakespeare Center LA’s ‘Macbeth’: virtual and graphic

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Transforming William Shakespeare’s greatest works into graphic novels is nothing new, but tossing a theatrical component into the mix certainly is. That’s what the always inventive Shakespeare Center LA has done with “The Scottish Play.” Its “Macbeth: A Virtual Live-Action Graphic Novel” merits an “aye” for ambition, though as a multimedia production it’s an uneasy amalgam.

Shakespeare Center LA Artistic Director Ben Donenberg dreamed up this idea and must be applauded for attempting another way to tell one of The Bard’s most-told tales. The on-demand streaming presentation works like this: A cast of seven, including Keith David as Macbeth and Simone Vicari Moore as Lady Macbeth, appear as talking heads in Zoom squares at the bottom of your screen.

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