‘Come From Away’ to Be Filmed on Broadway Stage

The cast of the Tony Award winning musical “Come From Away” will reunite on the Broadway stage to perform a filmed version of the musical that will be released this September.

The cast will reunite this May for a performance at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theater in New York City, and Entertainment One (eOne) will produce the live, filmed version of the performance that will then be released in September. eOne acquired the rights to “Come From Away” in 2017.

Though performances on Broadway have been suspended since March 12, the eve of “Come From Away’s” third anniversary, this live filming will feature some of the original cast from the Broadway production and will employ over 222 people across the cast, crew, staff and creative and film teams.

Christopher Ashley, who received the Tony Award for his direction of

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French opera stage hand is accused of sabotage

An opera singer was nearly killed on a French stage in what prosecutors say was a sabotage plot connected to a feud between stage hands. 

American tenor Robert Dean Smith had to roll out of the way of a 467lbs boulder which was supposed to be suspended by cables two feet above him, but failed to come to a stop as planned. 

It caused the audience to burst into laughter as his character was supposed to be dead, with the boulder symbolising his character’s gravestone in the Richard Wagner opera.

But the incident – which saw the huge rock fall to within four inches of the stage before someone triggered an emergency brake – prompted a six-year police investigation which has led to charges against a stage hand called Nicolas S. 

Prosecutors accuse him of tampering with a computer system which controlled the cables in order to discredit a colleague

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