What Works of Art, Culture and Technology Flopped in 2020?

But to get inspired, read what Times critics and journalists had to say about art, culture and technology in 2020:

In “Review: An Audio ‘Streetcar,’ Not Yet Reaching Its Destination,” Jesse Green critiques an audio adaptation of the play “A Streetcar Named Desire”:

After the pandemic forced the cancellation of its live season, Williamstown took the novel and in many ways noble route of reconfiguring most of its planned offerings as, essentially, radio dramas, produced with Audible Theater, the audiobook and podcast division of Amazon. “Streetcar,” the first out of the gate, was released on Thursday; three other titles will follow this month, three more in the new year.

Most of those upcoming plays being new works, they may not suffer as much as “Streetcar” does from the unasked-for translation to a medium in which it is literally impossible for a director to show us anything. And

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