Performa Celebrates Its 15th Anniversary With a Live Art Telethon and Limited-Edition Homewares

“I wanted to think about each of the artist’s work in a new way, by asking them to produce usable art, in the form of homewares or apparel—to make something they would not usually make,” explains Kathy Noble, Performa’s senior curator who spearheaded the editions series and has been working closely with the artists to realize them. “This idea reflects Performa’s ethos of blending art and everyday life; and making art objects to use each day is a form of performance in itself.” On whether there any particular standout pieces, Noble is diplomatic. “They are all my babies, and so I can’t have a favorite child,” she laughs.

The eclectic line-up of pieces includes a glazed porcelain vase designed by Barbara Kruger with “culture” emblazoned on one side in black and “nature” on the other in baby blue; elsewhere, there’s a hand-held mirror by Cindy Sherman printed with a

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